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Art and Culture

Jesolo is located in a strategic position of particular interest to art and culture lovers: just a short drive from Jesolo, visitors will find a series of marvellous art cities in the region, such as Venice, with its islands, as well as Padua and Treviso. The seaside town is an ideal base for day trips by car or motorboat to explore the attractions the surrounding area has to offer: the lush green countryside inland, the Venetian Lagoon, the Veneto villas and the towns and cities with their monuments and characteristic landscapes.

Food and wine

Jesolo is renowned not only for its beaches and the wealth of tourist facilities, but also for its culinary culture.
With the sea on one side and generous inland countryside and rivers on the other, Jesolo is fortunate in having a rich variety of plant and animal life just a stone’s throw away, ready to be turned into delicious gourmet specialities.

Fun and sport

Anyone who has already been to Jesolo will be familiar with the astounding variety of fun and entertainment the resort has to offer. It’s impossible to be bored in Jesolo: there is an endless variety of leisure opportunities, from the multitude of sports that can be practised to the vast array of places to have fun morning, noon and night.