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A great gastronomic tradition

Dozens of excellent restaurants and welcoming trattorias offer the great specialities based on fish, seafood and shellfish, which are the soul of this zone.
Simple and refined dishes at the same time, created with the mastery of an ancient tradition.
The meat, vegetable and mushroom specialities also reflect the gastronomic prestige of the inland areas of the Veneto region.
The wines are noble, excellent: Cabernet, Sauvignon, Pinot, Soave, Recioto and Prosecco accompany each speciality fittingly at very affordable prices.
For the young appetite, there are many opportunities for fast, fresh and innovative cooking.

Speciality fish dishes

Thanks to the very nature of the area, the lengthy fishing tradition of the Lido and the vocation for tourism the local folk are renowned for, Jesolo is able to boast an impressive array of restaurants vying to serve the finest menus. The choice is challenging indeed, starting from the huge variety of sea fish dishes that appear daily on the menus of every hotel and eatery in the town. The heart of Jesolo’s gourmet culture, fresh sea fish is the ingredient no holiday would be complete without, as a result of its variety and abundance. Among the most popular seafood specialities are crustaceans and shellfish such as crabs, clams, mussels and the like, as well as the delicious pescadee (the tiny fish that get caught in the fishing nets) and fish such as bream and bass.
Also found on Jesolo menus is some excellent freshwater fish, straight from the rivers around the town, such as eels, trout, tench and carp.

Local produce

Surrounded by lush, generous expanses of countryside, the Lido is able to offer not only top-quality fish, but also an extraordinary variety of genuine fresh vegetables – grown in the inland areas – and excellent meat from local farms. The large, fertile countryside inland from Jesolo is home to numerous crop fields, livestock farms and agritourist facilities.
These products bring to the tables of hotels and restaurants in Jesolo all the genuine flavour and aroma of the local area, a gift from the lush, fertile landscape.

Quality catering

What makes Jesolo cuisine so special and so popular with millions of tourists each year is not just the prime-quality local ingredients, but also the experience and professional skills of a host of experts in the catering service, able to offer first-class, cutting-edge gourmet services. Each year, one of the attractions that brings numerous visitors from all over the world to Jesolo is the excellent choice of quality restaurants and top-class eateries to be found in the resort.
With so many restaurants, trattorias, inns, wine bars, wineries, pizzerias and agritourist facilities, Jesolo offers food and wine to win over any palate…starting from the sophisticated cuisine served at our hotel.